Maintaining the integrity of the brand is important and a lot of that responsibility lies on the host when setting up a travel workshop. Hosts receive an additional time privately the day prior to the group workshop. We will get your studio set up for success. I  help make sure your beanbag setup is perfect to achieve the best poses. We will bring a model in for you to pose(hands on).

I  ask hosts to provide a professional floral arrangement from a florist or event planner (No DIY arrangements). This is really important.

We will collaborate on the final look. It is different every workshop. Take a peek at the blog to see past themes.

Table Setup – Party Stores do these affordably.

Coffee, water and small Nibbles (fruit tray, veggie tray or donuts are an example).

Coordinate the planning group – Create a Facebook Group Labeled: ” LOCATION PLANNING GROUP – WRITTEN IN THE STARS WORKSHOP”
Admin me. I do ask that you update with information for travel (detailed) and answer questions when they arise that I am unable to.
Please post studio images, and provide travel details such as airports, studio address, and lodging options.

We need 6 newborn models. We will have 3 babies on each day staggered. Edit and Deliver images to parents. I will provide RAWS. This is a benefit for you because these are potential mom reps and marketing for your personal brand.

If everything sounds great then we will set up early the day before and get a baby…. I will come in help you set up and do a private lesson with you before we meet in the evening with the girls.

if you are a dreamer, come in, come in...

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