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Hosting is a great opportunity to benefit from WITS by gaining education during a 2020 class. We will save you a seat and gift your experience for your time invested as a host. We will get your studio set up for success when we arrive.

Responsibilities of the host include:

  • Maintaining the integrity of the brand. This means upholding your commitment to responsibilities.
  • Opening your studio the day before the workshop to help us setup for class and prep the shoot space.
  • Allowing access to studio and props. Since we are traveling we are very limited on what we can bring.
  • An Einstein light is the preferred choice of lighting. We will work with you on the available lighting, however.
  • Host agrees to promote the workshop across varying social media platforms. Ex: Facebook Groups, Instagram, etc.
  • Provide coffee, water and small Nibbles (fruit tray, veggie tray or donuts are an example).
  • We will have a facebook planning group – post in the group and introduce yourself. Also, make yourself available to answer questions.
    Please post studio images, and provide travel details such as airports, studio address, and lodging options.
  • Contract newborn models, schedule models and coordinate communication with models.

If everything sounds great we will send over the contract, get a signature and then send marketing materials for the workshop!

what is included:

Written in the Stars Workshops are a ‘one stop’ workshop that equips you to take your business to the next level. This class is great for all photographers, both new and seasoned. WITS is very business savvy and is happy to bring that knowledge to the workshops. We will jump into lighting, posing, setup, and baby prep, sleepy baby solutions, editing, angles, and so much more. It is of utmost importance to see mentees succeed! The workflow is simple (from pose to pose), we keep transition easy so that baby stays sleepy and comfortable. We cover a multitude of bean bag poses, (see images on the listing), props and wrapping techniques. The Written in the Stars Toolbag is provided to every attendee to guarantee the tools to success! A sneak inside the bag: Posing Cards, Workbook, SIB rental, and much more! Images are YOURS TO USE! YES, you may use them in your portfolio and on social media; this will show the new skills that you learn while in the workshop, and will drive your social media feed. A camera, 50mm or 35mm lens and basic knowledge on how to use both is all that is needed, WITS provides the rest! The group workshop is a structured environment in which WITS poses the babies. Retainer of $500 is due to secure your spot. The remainder is due a month before the workshop. Retainers are non-refundable. (TOTAL TUITION COST $1500). Editing videos are provided so that you can edit in the comfort of your own office. You will be able to view the videos and edit the images simultaneously. WITS ongoing Facebook educational group is incredibly active and helpful. Many attendees have said the group was worth more than gold!

if you are a dreamer, come in, come in...

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