KICKOFF | Dallas Newborn Retreat

KICKOFF | Dallas Newborn Retreat

Thank you for the opportunity to be a part of your newborn photography journey. My hopes and desires are to leave a positive lasting impact. Written in the stars has many years of experience and resources to help aid you in growth.

The rebrand for MRP mentoring was created overnight. Written in the Stars was born… my brain was exploding and sparking with idea after idea. I  couldn’t write them down fast enough. If you know me then you know I  am a pen and paper person when it comes to writing ideas down. I  doodle, take partial notes then revisit to grow off of those. I  work very creatively and well under pressure. I  don’t like forcing work/ideas… they have to blossom organically and sometimes that comes off as procrastination. But nonetheless here we are and I  am reignited and excited for this new journey. In the past years I  have had the absolute HONOR in mentoring over 150 photographers and I am so grateful.

The weekend started off with a road trip to Dallas, Texas. The drive is about 4 hours for me and so exciting because my best friend, Melissa, lives there. Retreats are styled in a way to learn video and newborn posing. Marketing and Business is taught but not in a rigid structure. I  want you to learn through inspiring methods so your creative juices begin flowing. My approach is in a way that you can begin the creative process organically rather than a written structure. It’s important to dig deep down and find the true part of yourself, your brand and creativity and allow that to surface and grow. I  think your brand should  be authentically you with guidance on how to get there!

We spent countless hours setting up the studio for the workshop and then headed out to the Lantern Festival. What a magical event. If you have one near you don’t pass up the opportunity… it is pure bliss. During the lantern festival we worked on capturing a small video which I will share soon. I  tried to fly the Go Pro Drone and wrecked it into my hand… landing me in the hospital until midnight. We then had to set up until 3am with the mentality of “the show must go on” and it did!

I don’t take the task of mentoring lightly. I invest every ounce of my soul into classes and it shows.

Retreats are structured with an inspiring activity and then two days of HANDS-ON newborn posing, marketing, business and soul searching. Newborn sessions are fully styled with props from the industry’s best vendors. Ignite your dreams with me as we trudge through the murky waters of running a photography business.

*Attendees will receive:
Signature toolbelt with our cart cards, sleepy mask and more (additional tools will vary).

A marketing subscription box(one month) complimentary.








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